Belly Binding

– Support for Postpartum Healing –

Belly binding in various forms has been used traditionally in many cultures throughout history to aid in a mother’s recovery after childbirth.  Using muslin, cotton, or silk fabric, the abdomen is wrapped snugly to provide 360° support.  This binding assists with abdominal wall muscle retraction, improves posture, and helps to stabilize loosened ligaments while providing support to the torso while the organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.  One reason for choosing this style of binding over an elastic belly band is that it can be readjusted and tightened as your body changes and shrinks down after the delivery of your baby.  This style of wrap also supports your hips and is less bulky than elastic bands, so it can be worn over or under your normal clothing.

Benefits of Belly Binding

  • Diastasis Recti – A growing fetus and uterus puts pressure on the muscles of the abdomen, which can lead to a separation of these muscles called diastasis recti.  Once separated, these muscles are weakened, which can result in back pain or injury.  Belly binding postpartum can assist these muscles in returning to their pre-pregnancy position.
  • Pelvic Support – Constant pressure encourages the organs of the pelvic area to shrink back and return to their pre-pregnancy size and location.
  • Spine and Posture Realignment
  • Back Support – the bind acts as a back support, relieving the back pain commonly associated with the immediate postpartum period.  This support also helps to reduce the strain of lifting and carrying, and breastfeeding a newborn.

When to Wrap

If you had a vaginal birth, you can wrap within the first week postpartum, ideally around the fifth day after giving birth.  If you had a cesarean birth, it is recommended that you wait until 6 weeks postpartum, or until the incision is healed.

The wrap should be worn for 10-12 hours per day in the beginning, if possible.  Continue to use the wrap each day for as long as you feel the benefits of the wrap.  If you experience any discomfort or pain, remove the wrap.

Belly Binding Package

  • $125 – One binding session with personal instruction on how to wrap yourself.  This fee includes a handmade 100% cotton muslin wrap and under-wrap ($60 value).  I will also leave you with printed directions and be available to answer any of your questions by phone or email.
  • $25 discount on belly binding for doula clients.
  • Additional wraps are available for purchase in an assortment of colors and designs for $60 each.  All wraps are 15 Yards long (at least) and 9″ wide.
  • Additional binding sessions are available for $50 each.