Babywearing Education

– For New and Expecting Parents – Babywearing involves keeping your infant or child close to you by wearing them in a soft carrier.  There are a variety of carrier styles available on the market from many different brands and makers.  Choosing the correct carrier for you and learning to use it safely and comfortably can… Continue reading Babywearing Education

Birth Doula Services

– Support Throughout Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum – Fees: $1075 Prenatal – All services begin with a complimentary consultation.  This gives us a chance to meet up, get to know one another a bit, and discuss your vision for your upcoming birth. Two prenatal meetings in which we will discuss your ideal birth, how your… Continue reading Birth Doula Services

Belly Binding

– Support for Postpartum Healing – Belly binding in various forms has been used traditionally in many cultures throughout history to aid in a mother’s recovery after childbirth.  Using muslin, cotton, or silk fabric, the abdomen is wrapped snugly to provide 360° support.  This binding assists with abdominal wall muscle retraction, improves posture, and helps… Continue reading Belly Binding

Mother’s Blessing Planning

– Celebrating the New Mother – Becoming a mother is a beautiful transition that deserves to be honored and celebrated.  A Mother’s Blessing is just that – a celebration of pregnancy and and the passage into parenthood.  This celebration is for all mothers – new mothers, mothers expecting again, and those becoming mothers through adoption. … Continue reading Mother’s Blessing Planning